Quality machine quilting SERVICES & PRODUCTS
All-Over Design                       $.015 per square inch
         with Custom Border       $.0175 per square inch
Completely Custom - light       $.02 per square inch
Completely Custom - dense     $.03 per square inch (and up)

Winline Batting—In Stock
          Bamboo                                     $10/yard (in stock)
          80/20 Cotton/Poly                   $7/yard (in stock)

Winline Batting—Available Upon Request          
          Cotton — Natural or Bleached
             Poly — Lofty or Needlepunched
          50/50 Bamboo/Cotton
          Black 60/40 Cotton/Poly 

Cross-cut Double Binding       to make - $.05 per linear inch
                                                to attach - $.10 per linear inch

custom-developed curriculum based on topic or project, as per your request
One-on-One Class                        $20/hour
Group Class (2-3 people)              $10/hour/person

Specialty Quilts
special requests can often be accommodated
T-Shirt Quilt Top                        $15/shirt, 10 shirt minimum, back extra
Signature Quilt Top                     for weddings, anniversaries, etc., price based on pattern & size

priced on specific project
Resume and Cover Letter Editing & Designing
Proofreading  (reports, applications, projects, etc.)

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