Top & Back Prep

Preparing THE Quilt Top & BACK FOR QUILTING:
There is a minimum quilting charge of $25, and additional charges apply for pressing, squaring back, and fixing open seams.
Do NOT add any embellishments (such as buttons and ribbons, etc.).
The back must be AT LEAST 3” larger than the quilt top on all four sides (4" preferred on top and bottom.
If the quilt back is pieced, a horizontal seam from left to right is better than a vertical seam from top to bottom.
Thick and puffy polyester battings are not compatible with machine quilting. A low-loft polyester batting works well, though.
I will try my best to work out any problems with the quilt top, such as uneven or wavy borders. However, ultimately I guarantee MY work as quality work, not yours.

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