Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First Quilt!

Actually, it's not my first quilt ever, but it is my first quilt since I started my quilting business!

A young girl completed the quilt top a few years ago when she was taking sewing lessons. I have to add that she had a very good instructor! Her corners and points and seams all matched up very well!

Now that young girl isn't so young anymore, and she is graduating from high school in a few weeks.

Her mom decided to get the quilt finished so she can take it with her when she goes to college in the fall. Her mom added the borders and then delivered it to me to be quilted.

I chose an all-over design called the Baptist Fan. I love how it adds soft movement to the quilt which has so many straight lines.

At the owner's request, I quilted something different in the border. The swirly wave seemed to be the right fit.

The hot pink flannel for the back will be perfect for those very cold winter nights in Cache Valley!

I used a cross-cut double binding and attached it to the back of the quilt by machine. I also sewed it to the front of the quilt by machine. I know the quilt is going to be well-loved and used at college, and I wanted to make sure it will last for many years to come.

Thanks, Rowberry family, for being my very first customers! I hope you are pleased with your quilt!

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