Friday, August 28, 2015

A Few Summer Accomplishments

With my son coming home after being away for 2 years, I wanted to make a quilt that he could take to college. I followed Rob's tutorial from Man Sewing (sponsored by Missouri Star Quilt Company). I LOVE the gradations of the colors and the geometric primary and secondary designs created by how the blocks are put together. I made the quilt bigger than the tutorial instructed because it needed to fit on a twin size bed at college!

My friend's daughter got married at the beginning of August. I was asked to make a "signature" quilt, one that everyone could sign. I attended the reception, and it was absolutely beautiful! It was so neat to see all the signatures on the quilt. Everyone signed in the cream areas.


  1. I love the quilts, Teresa. I watched the Man Sewing tutorial recently and thought it would be a fun quilt to make. So cool that you made it!

  2. They were such beautiful quilts!! I loved seeing them in person :) Keep em coming!